This page is dedicated to providing helpful information, materials and/or resources to help aid the Chaplain. Members are encouraged to submit the names of resources they have found particularly helpful e.g.Books, CDs, Web Sites, etc. Please do not send in copies of poems, prayers, stories, etc.  and other published material without full attribution and written proof of permission to publish.

Texas Chaplains Association Pin : These are available at all Department meetings or by asking Ed Kegley, Mickie Prendergast or Harvey H. Klee when you see them.

“A Chaplain’s Story – Manual & Guide 2nd Ed.” by Harvey H. Klee” may be purchased from the Texas Chaplains Association on CD as an E-Book for $16.

A 305 page Print copy is available at $35 . Shipping and handling (includes shipping container) run as follows:
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“Chaplain’s Card and Funeral Handbook” by Ed Kegley may be purchased from the Texas Chaplains Association on CD as an E-Book for $10. Paperback print copies are available at $20. A Hard cover notebook print copy with sheet protectors is available at $30.

The Chaplain’s Prayer Book available through Emblem Flag & Sales

Chaplain’s Handbook – Service to God and Country available through Emblem Flag & Sales

“No Greater Glory” by Dan Kurtzman, Random House 2004 – The authenticated story of the Four Chaplains. List: $24.95. Available online at various retailers

“Sea of Glory” by Ken Wales and David Poling, Broadman & Holdman Publishers 2001 – A novel based on the Four Chaplains and the USS Dorchester. List: $24.99. Available online at various retailers.

The Legion’s Officer’s Guide & Manual of Ceremonies – Available through Emblem Flag & Sales

American Legion Chaplain’s “How to…” Manual – available through The American Legion National Office c/o Tim Langford


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The Immortal Chaplains –

U.S. Army Chaplain Center and School Library –

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Bible reference web site –

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Chaplain Best Practices

The following is an outline of a presentation President Harvey H. Klee gave at one of the National Chaplains Conference in Indianapolis at which he attended on Chaplain Best Practices.

1. Starts with the rank and file: the Officer’s Guide and Manual of Ceremonies.

a. Need not be a member of the clergy but must be a person capable of moral and intellectual leadership; one who gives dignity and respect to the office. Not infrequently, non-clergy members can be more effective and better received.
b. Opening and closing prayers – audible, intelligible, meaningful, individualized, appropriate to the occasion, recited with conviction, etc.
c. Visitations – hospitals, care centers, homes. Report on visitations
d. Letters and cards (Sympathy and Congratulatory) – Letters preferred. Report on activities
e. Work closely with fellow officers; familiarize oneself with members’ names, their families and circumstance – particularly new members.
f. Active in all ceremonies: Memorial Day; Veterans Day; Flag Day; post memorial services; funeral and grave-side services; dedication ceremonies; etc.
g. Active in the community on behalf of The American Legion: get to know elected officials and other community leaders, school administrators; etc. Report on activities.
h. Work closely with the schools – particularly with respect to Boy’s State, Americanism, Children and Youth programs. Report on activities.
i. Report on activities – You are a reflection of the Post and its membership. Members take pride in the accomplishments of the Post, whether it be through their Commander, Chaplain, Service Officer, etc.

2. Image.

a. Look and act the part without being ostentatious. Behave yourself in word and deed. Dress appropriately – don’t flaunt your religion.
b. Avoid controversial subjects e.g. politics; try to remain neutral and non-committal. Be a good listener and maintain a good sense of humor.
c. Be cooperative, supportive and encouraging – be an asset, not a hindrance.
d. Volunteer on work parties – it helps build relationships, acceptance and trust.
e. Be sincere – not serious! It’s so not about you. Don’t get in the way of God working through you.

3. District, County, Division, etc.

a. Same holds true as for Post Chaplain.
b. Letters of concern, sympathy, condolences, etc.
c. Letters congratulatory.
d. Attendance at funerals where practicable.
e. Main visibility is through prayer recitation and the Memorial Service: Well-prepared and well-presented.
f. Know your audience – make presentation particularly meaningful to them.
g. Memorial Service should be a joint service – we are a Legion family and we should interrelate and support one