“Pray one for another” James 5:16

The Texas Chaplains Association Prayer List is available to all members of The American Legion, The American Legion Auxiliary, The Sons of The American Legion Department of Texas and their affiliate organizations. Send Prayer List Requests to Harvey H. Klee at hklee@ctesc.net. Please include the individual’s name, Post, Unit or Squadron and location. Names are removed from the prayer list every six months. Please notify us if you would like to continue one’s name on the list.

Because the public has access to this website, no further information will be posted concerning the individual out of respect for their privacy. Our Lord knows their particular needs and no further information is necessary. Please notify us using the Feedback form when a name should be removed from the list.

More detailed information can be sent to the Department Legion or Auxiliary Chaplain or Detachment Chaplain concerning any member in need of prayer with absolute confidentiality assured.

Please notify us if you would like someone’s name removed from the pray list.

Let Us Pray:

Heavenly Father, we ask that you provide the members of the American Legion Family with the strength and guidance that they need today. Please protect our servicemen and women as they face the trials and tribulations everyday while at war and those stateside. Protect their families who miss them daily. We ask this in your name. Amen. (Submitted byTexas Department Auxiliary Chaplain Margaret Jankowiaki 2009-2010)

Prayer List


John Palasota – Past 2nd Division Commander; Post 618 Willis, Texas.


Connie Jo Popham – Past Department Sgt-at-Arms and District Commander on the loss of her closest and dearest friend

Rosa Cavazos – Past District Commander. Transferred to the Post Everlasting

Patrick Taylor – 3rd District Commander. General health concerns.

John Hince – Department Commander John Hince on the loss of his brother, Charles.

Woodrow Chambless – Commander 21st District; Commander Post 208, Kerrville on the loss of his son.

Darby Bybee – Past Department Service Officer on the loss of his wife, Jackie Btbee.

Roger Layton – Adjutant, Post 22 Corsicana, Texas on the loss of his son.

Terry Brieden – Wife of Past National Commander John Brieden, scheduled knee surgery

Petra West – Wife of Department Bill West who recently lost her father.

Harold Hicks – Past 4th Division Commander. General health concerns.

Bill Mahon – (additional information pending)

J D Davis – Genera health concerns

Jimmy Sanders – Peppy Blount Post 320, Gilmore, Texas

Bobby Baker – 1st Division Commander

Larry Bethards – Post 222 Hamil, Texas, Texas Chaplains Association Life member.

Rev. Marv Howland – Past Department Chaplain, Vice President Texas Chaplains Association. Prayers also needed for Rev. Howland’s wife, Arlene.

Jim Libscome, Past 15th District Commander

Jim Young, Past Department Commander

Ed Kegley, Past Department Sgt.-at-Arms, Texas Chaplains Association Treasurer and Secretary, Past District and Division Chaplain. Ed is in need of prayer.

Jerry Holsworth, Third District Commander

A.J. Clanan, Past 16th District Commander

Milton H. Gabler – Past 9th District Commander

Mae Turner. Wife of Larry Taylor, 5th District Commander

Neal A. Watt, Member Wiley B. Murray Post 27, San Saba, Texas

Charles Peoples, Past 5th District Commander