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A day a home sits vacant is a day of lost rent. We advertise our listings on all the major rental sites including our company website, which is receiving over 10,000 page views a month! is advertised on our vans which we like to call our mobile billboards; these vans travel in multiple counties on a daily basis. In addition, we advertise our company on signs, community papers, churches, pamphlets, and soon to be radio, television and billboards. Our most effective advertising has been referrals and word of mouth due to our superior service we offer to our tenants.

The Gebrael Management group of fine professionals are the people we have chosen to handle our portfolio, and they have never dropped the ball. Through their continued hard work and loyalty to our company, our portfolios have grown by leaps and bounds. The Medawar Organization only recommends Gebrael Management, our property management company, and our partners in future success.

Ronny Medawar, President and CEO, The Medawar Organization, Flint, MI

Gebrael Management has been managing 36 of my homes for the last two years. They have been ideal for me to work with since I live out of state. It's been a peace of mind knowing these folks can handle a situation regarding my investment properties from A to Z!

Joe Velasco, CEO, Pacific Bay Capital Group, San Jose, CA

Since I have had my properties with Gebrael Management, I have seen a larger return on my investments. Their professional and knowledgeable team makes owning rental properties very easy. I would recommend Gebrael Management.

Ryan McFarlane, Investor, Flint, MI

Gebrael Management has been managing my property for the last two years. They always notify me when there is a problem and they take care of it ASAP; that makes me feel very secure and at ease. I would highly recommend Gebrael Management if you need property management.

Sophia Morales, Investor, San Antonio, TX