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2018 TCA Business Meeting Minutes and Work Shop

Mid-Winter Conference Omni Hotel Southpark Austin, Texas

January 26, 2017 at 9:30 am in the Conference Center Room

President Harvey H. Klee called the meeting to order at 9:30 am in the Conference Room of the Omni Hotel Southpark, Austin, Texas on January 26, 2018.

All joined in the Salute to the Colors followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

President Klee offered the opening prayer and welcomed all.

Shirley Rogers moved to have the Minutes of January 29, 2017 approved. The motion was duly seconded and the approved.

Ed Kegley read the financial report and noted a deposit of $257 in membership fees and book sales.. There being no questions, President Klee directed the report be filed as presented.

President Klee presented the proposed nomination of officers submitted by the Board of Directors and called for nominations from the floor.

There bring no nominations from the floor, Shirley Rogers moved nominations cease and the following individuals individuals be elected to their respective offices by acclamation. The motion was duly seconded.

Harvey H. Klee, President & Chairman of the Board

Marve Howland, Vice President

Ed Kegley, Treasurer/Secretary

Mickie Prendergast, Borad of Directors & Publicity Chair

Gerry Hince, Board of Directors

The motion passed unanimously.

NOTE: All officers are automatically serve on the Board of Directors

There being no further business to come before the me eting, the meeting adjourned at 9:45 am. The meeting was followed by the TCA annual Workshop.

Respectfully submitted,

Ed Kegley, Secretary/Treasurer

Texas Chaplains Association Workshop

2016-2017 Year-End report of the National Chaplain

Synopsis of the 2018 National Department Chaplains Conference

New Resource Materials Available and Pending

Distribute National Chaplain’s Prayer Books and Chaplain’s Handbooks

“Have Chaplain’s Source Book – Will Travel!”

Short Presentation by the International Association of Near Death Studies

Questions and Answers

I have a few National Chaplain’s Prayer Books and Chaplain’s Handbooks from National that I will be glad to distribute at no charge.

The National Chaplain Year-End Report will give you a flavor as to what the position entails.

Every year the National organization holds a Department Chaplains Conference in Indianapolis. This presentation will you a quick overview as to what transpired.

There are some new resource materials available . The one that is pending is a book I’m working on about my experiences and thoughts as National Chaplain. I call it “Following the Path.” It will include all of the prayers I presented, memorial services and other presentations I made during my term in office.

The “Have Chaplain’s Source Book, Will Travel” discusses an approach to being prepared for most any contingency that might arise during your chaplaincy.

We always leave time for “Questions and Answers” and will gladly hold over to speak with anyone with a question on their mind to answewr or respond to it.

I look forward to seeing every TCA member there and hopefully, those that are newly joining our Association.

‘Til then, Happy Trails and Blessings!

Harvey H. Klee, President

Texas Chaplains Association

The Texas Boys State Chaplain’s Manual is now available for purchase: $15 by mail plus S/H; $13 at work shop (20% discount)and no shipping and handling charges.

Update on the status of A Chaplain’s Story – Manual & Guide, 2nd ed: $35 plus S/H. No special discount sold basically at cost. Unlikely there will be a 3rd Ed. forthcoming.

TCA pins are available at $4.00 at conferences or conventions (20 percent discount); $5 by mail) plus S/H.

Chaplains’ Best Practices  available. Summarizes good principles for all chaplains to follow by Department Chaplains attending a previouslynheld National Chaplains Conference.

Keep Your Contact Information Up-To-Date
The Texas Chaplains Association recently sent out a bulk mailing to all of its members to their respective mailing address and e-mail address based on our records. Although most were delivered, a large percentage was not.

If you have not updated your contact information with us, please do so immediately so that you will not miss out on future mailings, whether by e-mail or print letter. And be sure to check out our web site periodically to stay abreast of the latest TCA news.

“Getting Started as Post Chaplain” booklet published by TCA are still available at the Workshop for $2.00 apiece. Mail orders are $3.00 apiece and cover shipping and handling.

Contact either Ed Kegely or Harvey H. Klee to order copies. Make checks payable to TCA:
Ed Kegely
P.O. Box 31
Beasley, TX 77417-0031

Harvey H. Klee
374 CR 216 AA
Bluffton, TX 78607

Don’t Forget Your 2018 Dues – $5 Yearly
Make your check out to Texas Chaplains Association and Mail your check in today to:
Ed Kegley
P.O. Box 31
Beasley, Texas 77417-0031
Or, Take out a PUFL Membership – Membership Page for details

Chaplains Card and Funeral Handbook
This is a publication made available by our Secretary/Treasurer Ed Kegley that should be of immeasurable assistance to Chaplains in writing letters of sympathy, condolences, concern, etc. as well as officiating at funeral services – at graveside, Post or funeral homes.

Let’s hear from you!
We’re always glad to hear from our membership as to how we can make this website more responsive to their needs. So please, do not hesitate by contacting Harvey H. Klee at to offer your suggestions and comments.