The Texas Chaplains Association (TCA) is an association of past and present Department of Texas American Legion Chaplains who have served or are now serving as Chaplains at the Post, District, Division and Department levels in Legion Posts, Auxiliary Units or Sons of The American Legion Squadrons. The Department of Texas supports the Texas Chaplains Association and is linked on the Department’s web site under Affiliated Organizations at www.txlegion.org


The Texas Chaplains Association was formed in July, 2005 by the then recently appointed Department Chaplain 2005-2006, Harvey H. Klee. Chaplain Klee was inspired by the concerns of the immediate Past Department Chaplain, Rev. Marv Howland 2004-2005, to form better lines of communication between chaplains throughout the organization. The ideas began to flow, others joined in with their suggestions and support and the thought of forming a chaplains association came as a natural result thereof.

It was decided that all past and present chaplains of the American Legion, Department of Texas who have held that position at the Post, District, Division or Department levels as members of the Legion , Auxiliary or Squadron would be eligible for membership and associate with one another so as to better serve their respective organizations in their capacities as Chaplains. Hence, the Texas Chaplains Association was born.

Statement of Purpose & Objectives

The TCA adopted the following as its Statement of Purpose & Objectives:


The Purpose of the Texas Chaplains Association shall be to serve as a means to provide training, resources and other aids to assist chaplains in the performance of their duties and to act as a support group for those that are charged with the spiritual leadership of their respective organizations within The American Legion, Department of Texas, throughout the Department, Divisions, Districts and Posts as Legion, Auxiliary or Squadron members, and affiliated organizations as may be represented by the membership.

Specific Objectives

The Purpose of the TCA shall be carried out with specific objectives:

To promote the mission statement of the office of Chaplain as set forth in the Officer’s Guide and Manual of Ceremonies by providing spiritual leadership within the Posts, Districts, Divisions and Department while performing the duties and responsibilities inherent to the office of Chaplain.

To provide a means by which Chaplains may communicate with one another to promote understanding, cooperation and to exchange ideas.

To encourage Chaplains to become more involved in the activities of their Department, Division, District and Post.

To provide training and development opportunities via workshops, guest speakers, discussion groups, etc. to assist Chaplains in fulfilling their responsibilities.

To provide a variety of resources Chaplains may draw upon to assist them in the performance of their duties.

To support the work and efforts of all Chaplains on behalf of their respective organizations through prayer and fellowship

To provide training opportunities for Chaplains (workshops, discussion groups, etc.), resource aids, and in general, serve as a vehicle for Chaplains to share their experiences with others of like mind, spirit and interest.he development of a website to promote the organization and its objectives.

Membership be open to all present and past Chaplains, as well as those interested in serving as Chaplain at some time in the future in their respective organizarions. Annual dues  $5.

Organizational structure is  kept to a minimum i.e. President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer; the latter two functions may be performed by the same individual.

The TCA is dedicated towards achieving its purpose without regard to any factor other than one’s readiness, willingness and ability to perform what ever responsibilities they assume on behalf of the Association. In this regard, there will be no distinction between clergy, laity or rank.

Areas in which volunteers are needed to spearhead are as follows:

Special Events

If you are experienced, willing and able in serving in any of these areas, contact Harvey H. Klee at hklee@ctesc.net

Officers and Directors

Harvey H. Klee, President

Contact: hklee@ctesc.net

Rev. Marv Howland, Vice President

Ed Kegley, Secretary/Treasurer

Mickie Prendergast, Director